Shipping And Returns

Dear Customer(s) and patients, we thank you so much for trusting in our quality service and health competences proven through the use of our products worldwide. Your attention to this piece is important, endeavor to read the terms ;

  • Unlike other clinics, we offer return shipping for ibogaine patients to ensure they are able to affordably return to their homes or their starting point. Our door-to-door service makes the entire journey as easy as possible.
  • We ship our ibogaine supplements to all 50 states. Our shipping fee is included in the total cost of our products. For returns, our policy requires us to collect shipping fees. We’ll only refund products and services that we sell.
  • Ibogaine shipping and returns is a department at Global IboGaine Clinic that packages, ships, and handles returns for all of our patients. A highly organized and functioning department, we take great care of all patients of all needs to ensure their ibogaine experience is an excellent one. If a patient needs any help, we’re always here
  • We offer global shipping for our capsules of ibogaine. These capsules provide you with safe transport and a hassle-free return.
  • Most international orders are successfully delivered via FedEx International, a service offered for packages weighing over $500. However, we also offer shipment of ibogaine by USPS and DHL Express For Orders over $170
  • Global ibogaine clinic gives our clients the option to add on a reshipment and cashback service to their ibogaine rootbark order for a one-time fee.  . We will carefully and securely re-ship your iboga
  • We provide ibogaine reshipment for clients all over the world. We also provide cashback, at a substantial discount. We are a private corporation, and offer anonymous service, for our clients who wish to remain anonymous.