Privacy Policy

We’ve created a privacy policy and disclosure so you can know exactly what information we collect, how we store it, and how we use it. Please feel free to visit the link below to view our current privacy policy.

All customer information is kept strictly confidential and secure from the moment of intake until the completion of treatment. We do not and will not give or sell any of our clients’ private information to any 3rd party vendors or sites.

As a global ibogaine clinic, our mission is to help guide patients with addiction issues through a non-invasive procedure, with the ultimate goal of recovery and sobriety.

We take the utmost care to ensure your confidentiality. For additional protection, all information is transmitted via 128-bit encryption. This means your information will never be hacked, captured or stolen. It’s as private as it gets.

We are dedicated to providing secure information so you can make an educated decision regarding Ibogaine treatments. We understand the intricacies of using this drug for emotional and physical addiction and will make sure that you understand all your options.